Athenree Homestead
Val Tubman, Waihi.

This mural shows Captain Hugh and his wife, Adela, in the garden which surrounded their home – Athenree. Captain Stewart was the brother of Katikati’s founder, George Vesey Stewart. The couple and their son came to Katikati in 1978 with the second party of settlers and established their home and farm, Athenree. Although renowned for her hospitality, Adela’s chief passion was her garden. In her book, “My Simple Life in Early New Zealand”, she details the plants and seeds she ordered from nurseries in New Zealand and overseas, with others being given by friends and visitors. In the mural – roses, lilies, delphiniums, orange blossom, nasturtiums and even common herbs such as chives – form a frame to the homestead. Some of the trees she planted still surround the old building. The garden and homestead are now being restored by a band of enthusiasts. The garden lovers of Katikati and surrounding districts contributed to the cost of the mural by way of funds raised at the Open Garden in November 1991.