Uretara Landing
Roy Cunliffe, Katikati
Acrylic on block wall, 20 sq m.
Sponsored by Northern Regional Arts Council

The Pioneer Store stood by the Uretara Landing at the heart of old Katikati. The early settlers landed here, and later scows unloaded supplies and mail. Gum diggers brought their finds to exchange for supplies, and settlers gathered to hear the latest news of the outside world. Nearby were the Uretara Hotel, St Peter's Anglican Church and the No.2 School.

This scene is taken from three photographs taken at different times around the turn of the twentieth century. Storekeeper Noble Johnston, his wife Maragaret, and some of their children feature in the mural. In 1999 Mr Johnston's only surviving daughter, Rita Hume, then aged 98, was able to identify the people in the mural.

Behind the landing is the bakehouse, butcher's shop, warehouse, and further up the hill, the homestead.

top right: Mural detail
bottom right: Artist Roy Cunliffe discusses his work with Rita Hume